Dedicated to saving lives since 1945

Our Philosophy

  • Be trustworthy and honest in all we do.
  • Ensure that our patient’s safety and medical care is our first concern.
  • Ensure that all individuals who have cause to interact with San Luis Ambulance representatives will be treated in a respectful, professional and fair manner.
  • Ensure the highest quality possible in all of the services we deliver.

Customer Standards

  • To receive appropriate emergency medical care that complies with all applicable laws and regulations.
  • To receive, when requested, a reasonable and accurate explanation of all charges for medical care and ambulance transportation services.
  • When fully aware of the consequences for their injury and/or illness, the right to refuse care and/or ambulance transport.
  • To be safely transported in a clean, properly maintained and equipped ambulance which is in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.
  • To be informed of the need to be taken to a hospital capable of providing appropriate emergency medical care.
  • To have Patient Records regarding medical care and ambulance transportation service maintained in a confidential and secure manner. All records will be maintained in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.
  • To have all interactions with San Luis Ambulance representatives be respectful, professional and fair.

Response Stations

Staff Members of the Year

Thank you for your years of dedicated service.


Jolene K.
2 Years of Service


Arneil R.
7 Years of Service


Marion S.
2 Years of Service


Sarah D.
3 Years of Service


Nancy B.
10 Years of Service


Robby M.
7 Years of Service


Terry T.
15 Years of Service


Michelle K.
12 Years of Service


Gene B.
8 Years of Service


Acina H.
8 Years of Service


Julie S.
4 Years of Service


Marigrace W.
4 Years of Service


Timothy B.
2 Years of Service


Patrice O.
3 Years of Service


Roxane M.
3 Years of Service


Teresa H.
21 Years of Service


Ethan S.
9 Years of Service


Michael T.
8 Years of Service


Jennie R.
5 Years of Service

C. McC.

Ambulance Crew from Thursday morning, High fives to each of you for taking such fabulous care of...

Bob Kelley

Dear Mr. Kelton, I would like to commend your ambulance service and two of your staff members for...