QIC (Quality Improvement Committee)

San Luis Ambulance has a standing Quality Improvement Committee (QIC) that reviews performance standards not only for the staff members, but also for all of the equipment and supplies. The QIC evaluates real-time scene call reviews that are completed by our Field Supervisors and data from our field acquisition system. Additionally topics of interest or concern such as call type, disease process, policies/procedures are reviewed on a random basis. If there is a situation that we find is not to our standards, we introduce processes (training, etc.) to correct them and then reevaluate our success through the QIC. The meetings are also attended by the Medical Director and the Nurse Manager.

San Luis Ambulance’s QIC, in collaboration with the Emergency Medical Services Agency, supports a very dynamic Field Training Officer Program for Paramedic accreditations, internships as well as input for future equipment, skills and protocols. The minimum requirement for one of these positions is four years as a Paramedic, with at least one of those years having worked within San Luis Obispo County. This requirement is four times more stringent than the requirements of the State of California.

San Luis Ambulance is very proud of its QIC and will continue to find new and innovative ways to ensure that we are doing the best we possibly can for the patients in San Luis Obispo County.