To define the essential job functions, responsibilities and qualifications of a paramedic working for San Luis Ambulance.


  • Assess each call situation to determine the best course of action and the most appropriate patient treatment protocol.
  • Use medical supplies, medications, equipment and procedures including, but not limited to, defibrillators, EKG monitors, oxygen administration and suction devices, intravenous fluids, CPR and other procedures as required to provide the highest quality advanced pre- hospital patient care.
  • Ability to triage patients utilizing the SLOCO EMSA approved triage system (START).
  • Provide patient care according to SLA and SLOCO EMSA policies and protocols.
  • Lift and move patients as required to facilitate transport and treatment.
  • Communicate with Base Station Hospitals and other receiving facilities to receive medical direction and to provide critical patient care information.
  • Communicate treatment and transport information to patients and family in a clear, accurate and compassionate manner.
  • Assume a “team leader role” and take responsibility for scene management when required.
  • Operate the ambulance and/or provide map reading support to minimize call response time.
  • Maintain current certifications (paramedic, CDL, ADL, CPR, and medical examiners).
  • Educate EMT partners on new and/or changing treatment, EMS system and SLA information.
  • Communicate with Med-Com dispatchers in a clear, concise and courteous manner via phone and radio to effectively receive and manage calls.
  • Maintain the overall condition of the unit in a manner that maintains the SLA professional image.
  • Actively participate in community education programs to maintain the SLA professional image and establish strong community relations.
  • Document all treatment and transport activities in an accurate, concise and complete manner.
  • Follow all SLA and SLOCO EMSA policies and procedures.
  • Consider patient status and requests when determining transportation destinations.
  • Maintain prompt and regular attendance.
  • Actively participate in the education and training opportunities offered by SLA.
  • Other duties as assigned by the Division Supervisors, Field Supervisors, Operations Manager, General Manager, President/CEO.


  • 21 years of age.
  • Possess a current California Driver’s License.
  • Possess a current paramedic license.
  • Driving record in compliance with SLA policy regarding insurability.
  • Possess a High School diploma or equivalent (GED).
  • Possess a current CPR certification.
  • Possess a current California Ambulance Driver’s License.
  • Effective oral, written and interpersonal communication skills.
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